Hello, We are a web and graphic design studio.

We provide visual communication services that match your business needs and are here to take off the extra load off your shoulders, so you can focus on the core of your business.

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Interested in knowing how we will work with you?

We've got the roadmap for you, have a look.


Project initiation

What you do:

You tell us what you want, how much your budget is and when you expect to have the work delivered.

What we do:

We give you possible recommendations based on your requirements and budget.



What we do:

We send a quotation.

What you do:

You accept/decline the quote.



What we do:

we send you a non – complicated contract to your email

What you do:

you respond to the email to give us a go ahead with the project. If you give us a go ahead, this will act as a form of confirmation that you have read the attached contract and that you agree to the terms & conditions laid down on the contract.



What we do:

We email you an invoice.

What you do:

You pay 50% deposit.


Content provision

What we do:

after the agreement, we will send an email requesting for all the content needed for your design work, website or any other project.

What you do:

You compile all the content for the project, such as text, images, colours and any other content required to start the project. Then email us the document/s


Mock-up Design

What we do:

We design the requested design work / home page concept to give you a feel of how the final product will look like. We then send it to your email for approval.

What you do:

You write to us by responding to the email and let us know whether you approve the design or not. You also have the opportunity to request for changes.

If approval is not granted yet, this step will be repeated two times in order to reach a consensus.



What we do:

Once we’ve received your approval on the design, we move on to implementation phase. This is where the approved design becomes concrete.

What you do:

Provide us with additional information that could arise during the implementation.



What we do:

This applies to web based projects only.

We test the site to ensure that every function works as intended.

What you do:

You also test the site to ensure that it meets your specified requirements.



What we do:

For website, we host and publish the website. For design work – we email you the final files in different formats – e.g. Images, print ready pdf file.

What you do:

Website You confirm that indeed the website is accessible by the public, you can ask your family and friends to visit the site. Design work – you confirm receipt of the artwork files.


Shake hands

This is the last but not least phase; we call it: "it was nice doing business with you". We both shake hands and wait for the next project to kick off.