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Website Development

Tell more and more stories about your business, this is the knowledge base of you company, in which customers can visit to learn about your brand. All information is dumped here, but we make it easy for the visitors to read.

The types of websites we build.

 Basic business website.

 Portfolio website.

 Blog website.

 Ecommerce website.

 Personal websit.

 ...tell us what kind of website you want.

Graphic Design

Brand your business with a consistent, simplified design that will enable your customers to spot you from the crowd. Tell your stories using designs that are audible and straight to the point.

See the list of our designs.


 Business cards.




 The list gets even longer.

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Domain Registration

Get yourself a branded professional email or reserve a domain name for future use, just like company names, a domain name has to be reserved and registered.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a network address that uniquely identifies a particular Domain Name System (DNS).

Examples of domain names:

It is used to make up your email address(yourName@yourCompany.co.za) and website address(www.yourCompany.co.za), so you can be found on the internet.

Invoicing Solution

Simplify your invoicing. Manage all your invoices in one place and keep track of your cash-flow. Use it anywhere, with any smart device - from your laptop to your mobile phone.

What you can do.

 Create and email quotations in just one click.

 Convert quotations into invoices - no creation of invoices from the scratch.

 Send recurring invoices - no more sending multiple invoices.

 Automatically send late payment reminders.

 Record payments and expenses - know your incoming and outgoing.

 ...and many more features.

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