About US

Who we are.

We are a web and graphic design studio based in Johannesburg. Aban Design Studio was founded in 2019 by Ntwanano Chauke.

The name "Aban" is made up of a random selection of letters from the names of Ntwanano's parents, Khubani, Khazamula, and Mjaji.

What we do.

Our existence is simple, we exist to help organizations visually project their ideas and communicate their brand to the audience.

We do not just design and develop, but help our clients meet their specified goals through the art we provide. We match clients’ requirements with the services we provide and promote growth.

Vision & Mission


To be part of our clients’ success elevation by supporting them with visual and digital needs, and have long lasting relationship with them.


Provide customised visuals that uniquely match our clients’ needs while they focus on their core business. We aim to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Our Core Values

There are three main values that we consider when working with you.

Quality & Simplicity

We provide quality work that is creative, simple and clear.


We take responsibility and consistently deliver what we promise.


We are honest and adhere to ethical principles - we value the information you share with us.